Delivering a good user experience while optimizing the right outcomes is an art that we have mastered over the years. With over 60 million web visitors a month, it was challenging for GitHub to optimize the web flows for both user signups (B2C) as well as lead generation (B2C).

We recognized from the very beginning that the only successful outcome was to optimize the UI/UX in a way that we increase B2C Signups as well as B2B Inbound lead generation. Using Segment and Clearbit Reveal integration, we were able to identify pages and flows that get heavy B2B traffic and those that get substantial SMB and consumer traffic. We put into practice an approach based on these insights from web tracking coupled with our prior experience - optimizing for Signups on top level pages which get heavy B2C traffic while optimizing for lead generation in the deeper pages like pricing, case studies and whitepapers.

Using an extensive array of experiments and incremental changes, we were able to build conscious traffic flows to and from strategically important pages doubling user signups as well as inbound leads