We are firm believers that automation should generate higher quality as well as efficiency - with the right knowledge, the right tools and the right approach!

With this belief, we set out to optimize GitHub’s Prospecting process by leveraging its biggest marketing asset - its website with 60 million visitors a month! We knew that the best place to engage with this audience is when they are on the website - not via retargeting or paid ads. Our goal was to make the outbound prospecting more effective, timely and focused on the right audience, enterprise firms.

Intelligent Prospecting

Our approach was based on three specific desired outcomes - reaching out to the right persona, in the right companies and in a timely manner.

To accomplish this, we deployed Segment on strategically important pages to track the web traffic. This allowed us to capture possible “intent to buy”. We then integrated Segment with Clearbit’s Reveal API to enrich web visitor data with firmographic information. This allowed us to determine what companies are these visitors coming from.

This list of companies visiting GitHub marketing pages was then further narrowed down using a rule based approach that optimizes for likelihood of conversion based on company size and industry. We then leveraged Segment + Clearbit Prospector integration to identify the right personas within these companies.

The final step in the process was to add these folks to a multi-touch email campaign in Eloqua and engage with them via customized emails offering options to schedule a [red carpet experience to schedule] a call with GitHub’s Sales Team